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I could never quite understand how comment sections can be such cesspools of negativity. DA is very good with them, but other sites can be just horrible. 
My Tokota Handler by inkdragon13
My Tokota Handler
"Sis, you know I don't do well in the cold."

EDIT: Her name is now Tessa Norwood! Thank you :iconwingedwolfalari: and :iconnyxiandragoness:for providing suggestions. I'm going to get a tokota soon, but I realized that I needed to have at least a bipedal character to be my tokota's handler. So I needed to create a character for my tokota. :) (Legs are a bit long but that's okay.)

Not the most social spirit in the world, this young woman very much enjoys the company of her plants and animals. She comes across as very serious, but her sense of humor surprises most, as it is not often seen. Her sister moved up north to become a handler of a species called tokotas, large animals close to both wolves and bears. Not very fond of cold weather, she denied her sisters invitation to come with her and become a handler as well. Over time however, her sister managed to convince her to at least visit. After a couple weeks with her sister, she came to love to tokotas and decided to become a handler herself.  

The stone in the necklace is a favorite skipping stone from her childhood, and serves as a reminder of where she came from. After getting lost in the woods numerous times, she decided that having a hunting knife would be a good idea. She likes to use her hunting rifle most times, but does enjoy a bit of archery.  
Why You Do This to Me? by inkdragon13
Why You Do This to Me?
My sister put an empty tissue box on one of our cats' head and he just sat there, so my sister called me over and had me take a picture of him. X3

His name is Ite (pronounced e-tay) and he lets us do whatever to him. I remember one time my sister a pink Build-a-Bear dress on him and he didn't even care. X)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
:iconrequestsopen: :icontradesopen:

I am an artist here, and a FanFiction writer on Right now I'm in the Transformers/Beast Wars Archive on the I go by the same name there as I do here. Here is a link to my FanFiction profile page:

Request List:
:iconlokiisthebest18: Black Lab Puppy
:iconinteress: OC Verine and Dai Atlas
:iconrukiaryoka786: OC Rukia Ryoka (cat version)
:iconrethalia-prime: OC Solas Kaon
:iconlady-elita-one: TFP Optimus Prime and OC Causeway (2 pt of 4)
:iconcrimsonvampiress: TFP Version of OC Gameplay

I love all animals (except parasites). A few of my favorite animals are the snow leopards, grey wolves, orcas and horses.

I love my cats, all seven of them. But like most other cats, they drive me insane on a daily basis.

Disney Renaissance movies. I mean like the Lion King, Tarzan and Aladdin. I will forever be in love with those 90's animated movies.

I am a HUGE Transformers fan. My favorite Transformer is Ratchet, hands down. His grumpy, yet caring demeanor attracts me to him for some reason.

I'm also a great, big ole Markiplier fan. He's a really funny, awesome guy, and you should really check out his YouTube channel. Markiplier

Today is my 18th birthday, and I'm wondering what I should go into for college. 

I love science, especially geology, but I've realized now that my true passion is in the arts, teaching myself in the vast majority of the techniques that I know using color pencil. Even this summer, I was paid to make screen printed movie posters of my choice. My sister wonders why I even want to go into geology. 

My goal with geology was to directly benefit society and help people, such as monitoring fault lines and things of that nature. But I suppose I can help people in another way.

College is only seven days away for me. I'm not sure if I should be an art major or keep on with the science major. 
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