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I am an artist here, and a FanFiction writer on Right now I'm in the Transformers/Beast Wars Archive on the I go by the same name there as I do here. Here is a link to my FanFiction profile page:

Request List:
:iconlokiisthebest18: Black Lab Puppy
:iconinteress: OC Verine and Dai Atlas
:iconrukiaryoka786: OC Rukia Ryoka (cat version)
:iconlady-elita-1: TFP Optimus Prime and OC Causeway (2 pt of 4)
:iconcrimsonvampiress: TFP Version of OC Gameplay

I love all animals (except parasites). A few of my favorite animals are the snow leopards, grey wolves, orcas and horses.

I love my cats, all seven of them. But like most other cats, they drive me insane on a daily basis.

Disney Renaissance movies. I mean like the Lion King, Tarzan and Aladdin. I will forever be in love with those 90's animated movies.

I am a HUGE Transformers fan. My favorite Transformer is Ratchet, hands down. His grumpy, yet caring demeanor attracts me to him for some reason.

I'm also a great, big ole Markiplier fan. He's a really funny, awesome guy, and you should really check out his YouTube channel. Markiplier



If Humans Could Fly... by inkdragon13
If Humans Could Fly...
...There would be no possible way we'd have feathered wings. Feathers are highly evolved scales, and mammals never had scales.

This is my final art project for this semester. Our instructor gave each of us a 16x20 stretched canvas and basically said that we could paint whatever we wanted. I chose to create my own depiction of how humans would look if we evolved to fly. Before I even started on the actual drawing for the canvas I did an incredible amount of research on the evolution and physiology of bats and primates, nailing down specifics. And so this creature came into being from all of that meticulous searching. I never thought it would be so fun doing all that research and creating the pseudoscience of these new animals. :) Here are some of the specs that I've come down to.

This creature is called the Dusk Screecher, or the Homodepennatus Inusitus, which literally translates from Latin to 'man winged strange'. They do coexist in a world with humans. This species has a 6.5 to 7.5 foot wingspan and has a long prehensile tail. Their weight ranges from 3 to 4 lbs and their body length ranges from  20 to 24 inches, not including the tail. With the tail the length is twice that. It is the only mammal species to evolve 6 fingers instead of five, having three fingers for grabbing and the other three specialized for flying. 

This particular male (named Maxwell) has reddish brown fur and amber eyes, the fur color an uncommon trait and the eye color a common trait. The fur colors golden brown, brown and dark brown are common. Uncommon fur colors are red, reddish brown, and black. The rare color is sandy brown and extremely rare is albino. The common eye colors are amber and brown, and the uncommon colors are grey and hazel. The rare colors are blue and green, and extremely rare is red. 

These animals are active at night, are highly social and very vocal (hence the name Dusk Screecher).
 They have an average lifespan of 50 years. Markings on their faces, more prominently the males, are used to intimidate/warn other members of the species and attracting mates. 
Stormy Waters by inkdragon13
Stormy Waters
Just something I made up while playing with various GIMP brushes that I've recently downloaded. 
Down the rabbit hole: Rabbit hole It's coming... though I have no clue what 'it' is.

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